“Young Frankenstein” -Three Notch Theatre Show Review

I had the opportunity to see Mel Brooks’ “Young Frankenstein”  at the Three Notch Theatre in Lexington Park, MD. I went in completely blind (no pun intended to a character in the show!)– I had no previous knowledge of the show. I have never seen the movie (I know, I know, I need to get on that!) All I knew was that the show was advertised to be for adults only because of crude humor, which didn’t surprise me, being that it’s a show by Mel Brooks.

Well, they weren’t kidding with the crude humor! There were sexual innuendos abound in this performance, but they were all done as classy and tastefully as possible. The actors did a fantastic job with their comedic timing and alternating between being aware of their jokes (breaking the fourth wall, so to speak) and disregarding them.

Director Dawn Weber and her excellent cast and crew work together well to put on a great show. There were parts where I was audibly laughing. The actors had great chemistry with each other, especially between Inga (played by Kristin Kauffman) and Dr. Frankenstein (played by Jonathan Berry). The interactions between the characters felt natural, along with consistent character choices/accents. The use of a live orchestra and a rotating set also gives the show an extra flair.

Igor (played by Paul Rose) was entertaining to watch, not just with his funny lines, but with his crazy facial expressions and movements as well.  Frau Brucker (played by Stacy Oosterink) does a great job at remaining serious and melancholy, among all the chaos happening around her.  The hermit (played by Michael Sokoloff) had me laughing so hard at his (albeit, accidental) antics with the Monster (a difficult character to portray, but excellently played by Chris Joyce).

I wish I could mention everyone specifically, but I don’t want to give too much of the show away. I will say this though- If you want a family-friendly show, this probably isn’t the best choice (but Three Notch Theatre is doing “Twas the Night Before Christmas” next month that will be PERFECT for everyone). If you want a date night or a night out with friends that will have you laughing out loud, come see “Young Frankenstein!”

Running from Sept 29-Oct 15, 2017 at the Three Notch Theatre: 21744 South Coral Drive Lexington Park, MD 20653.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday performances at 8 PM, Sunday matinees at 3:30 PM. $18 adults, $16 member, $15 military/senior/student, $13 children under 12, $13 Thursdays (all tickets).

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