Wait… I Can Be Healthy Eating Jerky?!

**I was not financially compensated for this post. I received these products for review purposes. As The Amanda Turns takes pride in providing honest reviews, with or without compensation from brands.**

Oh my gosh, you guys. Those of you that know me know that I LOVE food. Whenever I get the chance to review edible products, I get excited. It’s a different kind of review than my beauty ones and appeals to all different kinds of people. (Everyone loves food, right?)

I was sent the six different flavors of Solely Fruit Jerky. I had never heard of this brand before (or fruit jerky in general) but the concept sounded cool. Each flavor was packed into their own individually vacuum-sealed package that says the flavor, the calories and the ingredients (spoiler alert- they ONLY add the fruit itself). There’s nothing simpler than that!

The first flavor I tried was the pineapple coconut flavor. Wow! I was very impressed. You could clearly taste both the pineapple and the coconut. For some reason, it took me a little bit to open the package… Turns out, there’s a little tab at the bottom that says “Peel here” so I’m just a bit blonde. Oops! The rest of the jerky packages opened pretty easily.

The next flavor I had was banana. It tasted simply like dried bananas that you find in trail mix, but it was soft and chewy instead of crunchy, which I loved. Yum!

Then I tried the mango one. I still thought this was tasty, but I found that it tasted more like apricot with a mango aftertaste. I’m sure it’s because it’s dried. It was also even softer than the other bars I had and had little pieces of mango in it, which threw me off at first,  but I still enjoyed eating it.

The next flavor I had was banana with cacao. This one was tasty! It had just that small hint of chocolate in it that satisfied your sweet teeth without the added sugar of a candy bar. But be careful with those cacao nibs, you don’t want to be like Terry…

Ironic that my fiance and I have been binge watching this show and I receive a product with cacao in it! 🙂

Next up was banana with pecans. I wasn’t super excited about trying this flavor but I was pleasantly surprised. I did not taste the pecans all that much, but it had a different flavor than the regular banana one overall. It had no crunch to it, which I appreciated since I don’t always like crunchy things.

The last flavor I tried was the pineapple one. I enjoyed it! It had the same tingly feeling on your tongue as if you were eating a regular piece of pineapple if that makes sense. 

What I thought was super cute about each of the bars was that when you open each package and finish eating, the inside of the packaging says “You just ate *insert amount of fruit here*.” So for example, my banana ones each said “You just ate one whole banana!” It made me feel good about my delicious snack choice.

Overall, I LOVED THESE! I may have a new obsession now. I have no excuse to not eat enough fruits because I’m either out on the road or rushing around like a crazy person. These are so easy to eat and very satisfying. I will have to stock up on more!

If you are interested in buying your own fruit jerky, I highly recommend it! Go to www.solely.com to purchase, but you should definitely follow Solelyfruit on Instagram and Facebook for upcoming promos and giveaways.

Are you going to try them? Why or why not? Let me know what you think of these cute fruit jerky bars! 

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