V8 + Energy Orange Pineapple Drink Review

Please note: I was given this item to sample for free from PinchMe. All thoughts and words are my own opinions. Please consult your doctor before trying this product if you have any health conditions.

So I’ve been wanting to try out various products and give my feedback on them in order to help companies improve their goods and services. I’m hoping that with every blog post, I will get better and better with writing reviews, so bear with me… here goes!

About 2:25 PM: The first product I am writing a review on is the new V8 + Energy Orange Pineapple drink. On the can, it says “Natural energy, from green tea, 1 serving of vegetables & fruit, excellent source of B vitamins, [and] 50 calories.” Sounds great, right?! I am definitely the kind of person who needs a nap to get through the day and get work done. I’ve tried teas and coffees, but for the most part, they make me feel sick to my stomach. I could be sensitive to the caffeine, the sugar content, etc. Well, so far so good with this drink! It is lightly carbonated, so it feels like I’m “being bad” and drinking a soda/energy drink, BUT it tastes like juice. I’m trying to figure out how to describe the taste- I love pineapple, but I’m not a big fan of orange flavored things… I really like the taste of this though. I’m thinking that means the pineapple overpowers the orange flavor. The can says 34% juice and 10 grams of sugar… not bad for an “energy” drink!

I’m feeling healthier drinking this than I would another kind of regular energy drink. I’m also eating my egg salad sandwich for lunch so I have some food in my system while drinking this, since my body can be sensitive to drinks like this at times. I’ll report back in a little while to let you guys know how I’m doing.

3:08 PM: Going well! I’m about halfway done with the can and I do feel like I have natural energy. I do need energy for my busy evening tonight going to my play rehearsal and seeing the premiere of “Suicide Squad”, so hopefully this will work out! I will report back when I’m done with the can.

4:16 PM: Finally finished the can! I didn’t want to chug it, since I have a bad habit of getting excited and drinking things too fast. I’m feeling pretty good! I’m still a bit tired, but I’m also stressed about things, so that could be causing the fatigue. I do feel a bit more awake than I normally do during this time though, which is good. I thought it tasted great and that it was a good-sized can (12 fl oz).

Final opinion: I would recommend buying this product- healthy, provides natural energy that you can feel, and has a great taste! Check out https://www.campbells.com/v8/ for more information and to find these products for yourself.

Let me know what you think- Are you going to try this product? Have you already had it? Leave some comments below! Also, give me feedback as to how to improve my reviews!


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