Sunday Scaries

You’re probably reading this title and thinking “What the heck is she going on about today when she hasn’t posted in forever?”

Well, lovely reader, I do apologize for the delay in my amazing rambling. BUT I’m not crazy, this is a real term that I just heard today for the first time.

I was casually checking my email when I came across my daily email from The Muse. The title caught my attention since it’s something many of us deal with… the dreaded Monday morning.


That’s right, Monday morning: when people set their alarms and cry themselves to sleep get ready for the lovely work week.

The article talks about various people and the ways they handle their work week stress. Some people don’t experience this at all- they are in a job that they absolutely love and adore. But they do experience a bit of anxiety about the start of a new work week- but nothing a little bit of exercise or relaxation can’t fix. Meanwhile, there are others who would rather have the FLU than go into work.

To me, that’s crazy! I wish I can just say “Everyone quit their jobs and do whatever you want!” but that’s not always doable. Sometimes, you have a family you need to support. Sometimes, your job is counting on you to make a difference in peoples’ lives. But sometimes… leaving a job that makes you absolutely miserable is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

I have quit various jobs in my life because they were not fulfilling my overall goals. I DREADED going to some of these jobs because of the way I was treated, the stresses that came with the job description, etc. Luckily, I was at a time in my life where I was able to quit these jobs and pursue something better. Right now, I am satisfied with my current day job. I get to teach children one of my passions, theatre. Although the job can be tough at times, when those children’s faces light up and they’re excited to start the next lesson, it makes everything worth it.

That being said, I am awaiting the point in time where I can completely be my own boss.  I live for the idea to make my own schedule, take days off when I want to, travel the world, and go on adventures. I can’t wait until I can be a full-time entrepreneur/blogger/actress/model/VO artist/everything else I want to do.

For right now… I am content where I’m at. I work a part-time job so I can afford my full-time dreams later on.

So do I have Sunday Scaries? Yeah, sometimes. I panic about the work week ahead. But I also remember a time where those Sunday Scaries were much worse.

I’m blessed to have made a difference in my own life. Go ahead, put in those job applications. Find your dream job. Work your butt off to reach your ultimate goals.

You can do it, I believe in you. <3

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