“She Loves Me” – Three Notch Theatre Review

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We made it through one month of 2019 and can I just say that it FLEW by for me?! We are now into the month of February, which means love is in the air. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than taking someone special to go see She Loves Me at the Three Notch Theatre in Lexington Park, MD?

The Newtowne Players are performing She Loves Me– a cutesy musical comedy that will warm the hearts of audience members young and old. This show runs February 1-February 17, 2019.

“Considered by many to be the most charming musical ever written, She Loves Me is a warm romantic comedy with an endearing innocence and a touch of old-world elegance. Georg works at a modest Hungarian parfumerie and spends his free time pouring out his heart in anonymous letters to Dear Friend, the love of his life. Amalia gets a job at the shop and its immediately clear how much they hate each other. It’s also immediately clear – to the audience – that Amalia is Georg’s Dear Friend. What will it take for Georg to realize that she loves him and for Amalia to realize that there’s something about a man who won’t help her find her Other Shoe when he brings her Vanilla Ice Cream!?!
And we haven’t even talked about the boss, the lothario, the illiterate sales girl who finds true love in a library, the delivery boy with big dreams, the idiot salesman with great advice to give, or the ensemble that fills out the story!”

SYNOPSIS FROM: https://www.newtowneplayers.org/she-loves-me.html

Ilona (Jenny Meisinger) and Amalia (Sarah Gravelle) discuss Amalia’s big date with her “Dear Friend,” whom she has never met. (Photo by Greg Rumpf)

Mr. Mariczek (Larry Silvestro) attempts to sell a musical cigarette box to a patron (Marina Broome-Eason) in the hopes of winning bet he has made with Georg. Ilona (Jenny Meisinger) watches to see if she will be ringing up a sale. (Photo by Greg Rumpf)

Throughout the entire production, audience members watch the angry and bitter interactions between Georg and Amalia (played by Carlton Silvestro and Sarah Gravelle), while seeing how in love they are with their anonymous Dear Friend (while all along, the audience knows they’re in love with each other!) You are sitting at the edge of your seat just wanting to scream at their characters and tell them to open their eyes! Or was that just me? 🙂 Both Silvestro and Gravelle’s performances stood out and kept me rooting for them throughout the entire production. The owner of the parfumerie, played wonderfully by Larry Silvestro, was a complex character showing various emotions throughout the musical. The other employees in the store (played by Jenny Meisinger, Hunter Martin, Jeff Maher and Kenneth Faison) also did a great job showing each of their personalities and making you entranced in their individual stories. A well-rounded ensemble brought this show together as well!

Ilona (Jenny Meisinger), Kodaly (Hnter Martin) and Georg (Carlton Silvestro) line
up to say “Thank You, Madame” to patrons as they leave the parfumerie (right to left Marina
Broome-Eason, Autumn Mallory and Christine Kalil). (Photo by Greg Rumpf)

Georg (Carlton Silvestro) shows an astonished Mr. Mariczek (Larry Silvestro) the sales from the holiday season as Amalia (Sarah Gravelle) and Arpad (Kenneth Faison) welcome him back after an accident has kept him away from work for an extended time. (Photo by Greg Rumpf)

Director (and set designer) P. Wade Thompson does a great job bringing his visions to life in entertaining musicals! He has great ideas blended into each production he puts on. The rotating set between inside and out of the paufumerie and other locations helps keep the flow of the performance going strong. The use of actors with the scene changes made it feel more realistic. There were also scenic design elements that stood out to me as well- Audience members in the lobby were encouraged to write who their favorite couple was on cut-out hearts that would be added to the set. Of course I had to write about myself and my fiance! 😉 Something else I enjoyed was that there was a game printed out where you had to guess what name went to what profession (Example: Was Leonardo Davinci a composer, an artist or an author?) which was an entertaining way to pass the time in the lobby waiting for doors to open.

The show runs February 1-February 17th (Thursdays-Saturdays at 8 PM and Sundays at 3:30 PM). Tickets are $18 for adults, $15 for students/seniors (65+)/military and $13 for children 12 and under. If you go on Thursday, tickets are $13 for EVERYONE!

If you are interested in buying tickets and/or to find out more information, go to https://www.newtowneplayers.org/tickets.html!

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the show!

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