My Personal LeVel (Thrive) Review

As a performer/everything else I do in my life, I’m constantly on the go and very rarely have time to just relax and be lazy. I’m always working on something. As you can assume, that can take a toll on one’s body after a while. My energy levels have been low and I’m LIVING for naps, which isn’t very productive. My friend Carrie has been posting a lot on Facebook about this Thrive by LeVel thing and how it has helped her lose weight, get more energy (especially with having two young boys) and being overall healthier. I was intrigued by this, so when she offered a 4-day sample pack, I knew I wanted to try it. My boyfriend kept calling it “snake oil,” meaning that it doesn’t work and it’s just another multi-level marketing (MLM) pyramid scheme thing, but I figured “What the heck, it’s free, I’ll try it out!”

It came in the mail really quickly, but I was hesitant to get started. I was on spring break from my part-time school job, I wasn’t having as many rehearsals, etc. I didn’t want to try it out when I wasn’t doing as many things. How would I be able to see if the product was working if I wasn’t doing 348938249324 things? You are also supposed to take it immediately upon waking, so that threw me off as well.

To be honest… I was also nervous about trying it. I didn’t want to get sick, which I know sounds weird because this is supposed to HELP my health. I’ve tried products in the past that have had an adverse reaction to my body, so I was a bit concerned that it would happen again.

The night of 4/18/17, I decided to take the plunge and start on 4/19/17. I organized the capsules into my pill container (one for the first two days and then two for the last two days) and made sure I had water next to my bed. The first thought I had? OH MY GOSH, THESE CAPSULES ARE HUGE. Now, they are probably average sized for any of you readers who take various kinds of supplements. As for someone like me who recently got over my issue with swallowing pills (of any size!), I was very concerned that this whole thing would be ruined because I’d choke on this capsule and waste it.


Morning of 4/19/17 (Day 1) 

I had woken up around 5  AM for a bathroom break and I was making myself paranoid that I was coming down with the flu, since a cast member got sick the night before at my rehearsal so I almost chickened out. I decided to toughen up and do it- the worst thing that would happen is that I’d feel like vomiting and I’ll never do it again. When I officially woke up, I checked my phone: it was 8:53 AM. I sat up and immediately took the capsule with my 22ml bottled water. WOW, I was actually able to swallow it (the biggest one I’ve ever taken in my life!) I was very proud of myself and did a groggy internal happy dance. I continued drinking my water (you’re supposed to drink about a full glass’ worth). Then at around 9:20 AM, I took half of the vanilla lifestyle mix and put it into my water bottle. Now, I’m not sure what I was expecting because it’s just flavored powder and water, but it definitely wasn’t the best-tasting thing in the world. It tasted like powdery water with a hint of vanilla. I had to force myself to finish it, which was disappointing. How am I potentially supposed to do this every day??? Granted, it does also say you can do it with milk (maybe dairy-free milk if you guys are lactose intolerant or have an allergy) and/or put it in a smoothie. Honestly, it took me about an hour and a half to finish all of it… I kept forgetting about it, plus the flavor wasn’t amazing. While I was drinking it, I remembered that I’m supposed to put one of the patches they provide. It peels off like a sticker and you’re supposed to put it on a different LEAN part of your body every day. I decided to put it on my inner forearm as Carrie recommended, but of course, I know I’m going to be asked about it ALL DAY today… mostly by the middle schoolers I work with. I’ll just say I’m part of a science experiment 😉 I did feel some tingling when I put it on, but I could just be neurotic and imagining it. It’s probably just because it feels like I’m wearing a sticker on my arm. My initial thoughts so far: I’m feeling pretty awake and alert and not feeling sick like I was worried about. Let’s see if this is just a placebo effect…

Evening of Day 1

I’m feeling a bit tired, but nothing unbearable. I actually have a night home tonight, so I’ll be getting work done and then taking the patch off before bed. I noticed I didn’t eat a huge amount today (just a sandwich from Starbucks along with that yummy Unicorn Frappuccino because I’m #basic) but I’m not feeling sick. I’ll eat some dinner in a little while, but I wonder if this is also an appetite suppressor and that’s how you lose weight as well… hmm…

Morning of 4/20/17 (Day 2)

Woke up and immediately took my capsule (went down smoother this time) and started drinking water, which officially woke me up. It ended up being about 45 minutes later that I started drinking my lifestyle shake (because I got distracted… whoops!) This time, I think it had more powder and a bit less water and I think it tastes a LOT better… or maybe I’m just used to it now. I put on the patch on my other forearm when I started the shake. I only had one child ask about it and I said it was a nutrition thing. The adults I work with probably thought it was birth control or a nicotine patch because they didn’t ask about it. They’re probably not surprised that I’m trying some “crazy new thing.”

Evening of Day 2

I was able to make it through my day of work, rehearsal AND staying up until almost 1 AM watching Star Wars with friends! I didn’t need to nap. I was a bit tired and a bit wired when I DID try to sleep, but it otherwise was a success, in my opinion!

Morning of 4/21/17 (Day 3)

I woke up with a bit of dread at the idea of taking 2 capsules today. I think I let my anxiety get in the way and make me paranoid about getting sick from having “too much.” After about 10-20 minutes, I started feeling sick to my stomach, which was an old symptom of my anxiety so more than likely, it’s from that and not the capsules. I also did a full shake with less water this time and that gave it more flavor (chocolate today- yum!) I put the patch on my triceps today.

Evening of Day 3

I didn’t do much today and it was hot outside, so I felt super sleepy. I ended up sleeping for an hour and a half. I felt on and off sick to my stomach and had a headache throughout the day as well. Could be from the heat *since my body is pretty sensitive to it), could be from anxiety or it could be from taking 2 capsules and a full shake. I’ve decided that tomorrow (even though it’s supposed to be the last day of the trial), I will take ONE capsule and HALF a shake again. I only have one more patch though, so my newly added “Day 5: will be a bit off.

Morning/Evening of 4/22/17 (Day 4)

I completely forgot to write about my experience! I went back to the original suggested amount and took one capsule and half of the strawberry shake. The strawberry flavor was alright, but I prefer either vanilla or chocolate. It didn’t taste much like strawberry either, but I’m not sure how I’d describe it. I wore the patch on my bicep. Oh my gosh you guys, this day was the BEST DAY out of this entire trial! I was able to get SO MUCH done! I cleaned my room and closet, recorded an acting audition, had dinner at Applebees with my love and went through a ton of emails I’d be procrastinating on. Basically, all in all, I had a productive day with a lot of energy. No naps or anything- up from about 9 AM to midnight or so. I even had the energy to pamper myself a bit and relax. I was very pleased!

Morning/Evening of 4/23/17 (“Day 5”)

So technically, I shouldn’t have had a “Day 5” of the trial… I didn’t have another patch to put on (only the one capsule and the last half of the shake), so it wasn’t exactly accurate. I had a little bit of nausea while I was half asleep, but I think it was my body’s way of telling me to wake up (No, it’s not “morning sickness,” it’s part of my anxiety). I woke up and took my capsule. 45 minutes to an hour later, I had the rest of the strawberry shake. I’m really bad about doing the shake 20-30 minutes after the capsule… my body isn’t exactly functioning in the morning- I’m not a morning person! On and off today, I had some nausea and bloating- I also ate a chili cheese dog and chili cheese fries for lunch, so that could have something to do with it (but it was yummy!) I took a small cat nap and felt tired throughout the day. I didn’t get as much done, sadly. I’ve definitely come to the conclusion that this is a product you have to use all three steps with to get the full effect.

My overall opinion? I actually enjoyed using this product, despite having my friends tell me it was a “placebo effect” and “snakeoil” any chance they got. The patch is like taking off a Band-aid, but it’s not unbearable. The residue comes off when you wash in the shower. Day 4 was my favorite day by far because of the amount of energy I had and the amount of work I got done. If every day was like that, I will happily continue using this product. I haven’t exactly figured out why some days were different than others, but I hope to learn more about this product and use it again in the future. I do have a referral link if anyone is interested in checking it out for themselves: Feel free to do your research and read all about it- I want everyone to be safe, healthy and happy. I am not promoting a “scam” or anything like that- hence why I shared my HONEST experience with the product.


Let me know what you think! Will you try this product? Why or why not? 

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