The Perfect Addition to Any Man-Cave- A Mini Fridge!

**I was not financially compensated for this post. I received this product for review purposes. As The Amanda Turns takes pride in providing honest reviews, with or without compensation from brands.

Hello, my lovely readers! I’ve been cranking out some product reviews lately. I hope you all are enjoying reading these and checking out the products I talk about.

This next one is actually something that I had been talking to my fiance Dylan about long before this opportunity came along- A mini-fridge!

We live with some of my family members, so having any special food and drink in our main kitchen fridge is a risky endeavor… There is a good chance it will disappear in the dead of night (or during lunchtime when someone gets hungry). There have been way too many disappointing times where my heart and soul is CRUSHED because the special drink I purchased for myself is GONE. Gasp!

Well, those days are over with New Air’s new AB-850B Black 90-Can Beverage/Beer Fridge! When I had the opportunity to review this product, I knew my problem had been solved!

“Upgrade your home bar, office or man cave with this convenient, freestanding beverage fridge. Its sleek black design looks great and it’s compact design fits anywhere. It provides instant storage for all of your entertaining needs – no fancy installation or kitchen renovations required. 

-Compact design
–Stores up to 90 standard cans
-Cools down to 34 degrees
-7 Custom thermostat settings
-Adjustable racks
-Lock and key for peace of mind”

Information directly from New Air

I was ready to put their money (well, in this case, product) where their mouth is and check it out!

This mini-fridge came to my house packed very carefully in a box with lots of padding and cardboard. That was already a plus for me. It also came with an energy guide that describes an estimated yearly operating cost, a simple way to register your product with your phone, and an owner’s manual.

I then opened the actual fridge up and it’s nice! It is a simple, sleek black mini-fridge, as they described. It does show fingerprints on the outside of it, so make sure you have something to wipe it down with so it stays just as beautiful. It’s not as small as I expected, but in order to fit 90 soda cans, it would have to be a bit bigger than your average “mini” fridge. BUT it is the perfect size for a man-cave (or she-shed!), basement or wherever a mini-fridge is needed. My plan is to have it in our bedroom so when we want some drinks at night while watching TV, we have it right there. When we build our new house, this will be the perfect addition to our gaming basement. Yeah, we will have an entire basement devoted to gaming, and it’ll be AWESOME.

It did not require any specific set-up, other than it needs to sit upright for a while before using. I decided to test it out afterward using some fancy wine bottles I had that needed to be cold before serving. I also had a friend of mine bring some of his drinks over to add to the fridge as well so we could test how cold they became while we hung out.

The drinks were kept cold and the amount of storage space is nice! We were able to fit multiple wine bottles, cans and plastic bottles in the fridge. I did not have 90 cans to test the size with, so I will have to take Newair’s word with that! I was pleasantly surprised at the size- the inside seemed huge! As my fiance said, “it’s bigger on the inside.” (Shout-out to whoever gets the reference!) The racks are adjustable as well so various sized drinks can fit in. My only issue was that one of the racks did not seem as sturdy as some of the other ones so I made sure to put plastic bottles on that one and leave the wine bottles on the rack with more protection on it. I do enjoy the fancy LED lighting and temperature control options- I kept mine set on dial 4, which seemed to work well. 

I almost forgot in my initial excitement (since I’ve never owned a mini fridge before) that it has a LOCK AND KEY! Don’t have a private place to put the fridge? Want to keep prying hands away from your precious cargo? Go ahead and use one of two keys provided to you to lock it up and throw away the key! (I’m kidding, I just wanted to say that, PLEASE KEEP THE KEY). Put the key in a safe, hidden place and there you go- now only the rightful owner has access to the drinks! My complaint with the key is that for some reason, I had some issues turning it to get the pentagon-shaped key to lock the fridge. Once it was locked, the fridge door could still open a tiny bit, even though you still do not have access to the drinks. I wish that it would completely lock so young kids (or bitter family members) would not be able to accidentally leave the fridge open and let out cold air.

I did notice that it was a bit noisy at times and had a bit of ice built up on the back of the fridge. Fear not- both those issues are addressed in the owner’s manual and are because of user error! (Make sure you fully read the manual, ladies and gentlemen!) The manual I received also says 85 cans and not 90, but same difference, in my opinion.

If you are in need of a mini-fridge, please check out and sign up for their newsletter for the latest deals. I noticed on their site that they have a free gift with each one of these mini-fridges sold, so that’s pretty sweet. They also offer a one-year warranty, free shipping, and a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re interested, you can also follow them on Instagram, and Facebook, as they’ve done giveaways for free products before! 

The TL;DR version of this? I am very pleased with this mini-fridge. It works well for my needs (wine bottles, soda cans, water bottles, etc.) and I will be using it for a long time coming! Any issues that I had were easily fixable with a quick read of the manual and some readjusting.

Let me know what you think in the comments below- Would this be a good product to own?

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