Introduction Post

Hello everyone! I’m Amanda 🙂

“As the Amanda Turns”… a blog title invented years ago by my best friend Sarah, describing the “soap opera” that is my life. (I’m a performer, it’s my JOB to be dramatic!)

I’m going to give you all the scoop about who I am. I’m a 23 year young woman, living in good ol’ Southern Maryland (Yeah, that’s actually a place)! I’m a college graduate with a BA in theatre and multiple minors that do not show up on my diploma, an actress/model/VO artist, a girl gamer (Not a “gamer girl,” let’s not go into that stereotype), a businesswoman, and overall; a crazy, outgoing, anxious, loving, perfectionist, busy, awesome person.

I’ve been told many times that I should become a blogger. Perhaps it’s the glorious way I can tell a story. Perhaps it’s the amazing way I can grab an audience’s attention with my witty humor. Perhaps… Oh who am I kidding, I just have a lot to say and people are sick of the novels of text coming up on their Facebook newsfeed!

I have a lot of interests: theatre, music, video games, couponing, tips and tricks of all kinds, traveling, beauty, psychology, love, etc. So HOW THE HECK do I narrow this down?! Well… I’m not going to. At least, not right now.

Here’s the game plan: If I write a lot about different topics on my mind and see which ones get read more often by you lovely people, maybe that’ll help me decide where my strengths and weaknesses lie. Or maybe not. Only time will tell!

I also love making new friends, so leave some comments below and let me know what you think.

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