Hidrate Spark Water Bottle Review + Discount

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So I was contacted by the company behind Hidrate Spark a while ago about doing a campaign for their new water bottle. I finally had the chance to try it out for myself.

Photographer: Tamara Ibanez

I’ll admit it- I am very bad at remembering to drink water. I always go to drink other things first. I’ve decided recently that in order to improve my health, I need to drink more water.

What is Hidrate Spark, exactly? Well, it’s a water bottle- plain and simple. But is the bottle itself plain and simple? Nope! This is a SMART water bottle that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth through their app (Google Play and iTunes). This bottle keeps track of how much water you drink throughout the day. It recommends the optimal amount you should drink based on your age, height, weight, exercise and the weather that day. It lights up and sends notifications to your phone with little quips to remind you to stay hydrated. It connects with Fitbit, Apple Health, etc. It even does a celebratory light show when you drink your allotted water for the day!


As a reader of As the Amanda Turns, you have been given the opportunity to try this water bottle out for a DISCOUNTED PRICE! That’s right- the price is knocked down to $45 instead of $54! If you are interested in this EXCLUSIVE deal, you must comment on THIS POST with your best email address AND the color of the water bottle you want. Hidrate Spark will be monitoring these comments and sending personalized invoice links! Act now- this deal won’t last long- expires 9/25/17!


Make sure to comment your email and the color you want below to get the exclusive discount price!

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