Getting Started in Voiceover

You’ve practiced different voices in your shower. You’ve perfected the art of speaking into a microphone. You’ve read some articles on the Internet about the voiceover business. You think you’re ready to go.

Now how do you get started in the voiceover world?!


I got my start by working for an internet radio station (radio.SOMD) back in 2010. My father was contacted to work for the station and he got me onboard as the “Pirate Weather Girl” (the one that would “lock him out” of his office to record my own weather reports… haha!)


Not that kind of pirate, even though everyone THOUGHT that…

Now I understand that not everyone has this type of opportunity (we were lucky to already be established actors in the area, so people knew about us and wanted to work together). Don’t just sit and wait for opportunities to fall into your lap…



Start learning the ins and outs of the business as much as you can. Reach out to local terrestrial radio stations (or even online radio stations you like) and see if they need interns. Start your own podcast on a topic you know a lot about. Record small excerpts from magazines/books, work on character voices, etc. Make your own website, like I did here to share your work.

The focus is to start coming up with demo work and to PRACTICE.


Voiceover Set-Up

First off, you need some sort of voiceover setup. Now if you are serious about voiceover and want to record quality work, I’d invest some money into a quality setup. Here are some products that have been recommended from this site.

Two programs that I would recommend you to download are Audacity and REAPER. I recommend Audacity for beginners- that’s what I started out with. REAPER was recommended to me by a musician friend of mine. It has a bit of a learning curve to it, but you can do a lot more with it. These programs are used to record and edit your voiceover. Examples: Amplifying sounds, taking out breathing, shortening it, etc. You want to make the recording sound professional

Demo Reel

The next step is coming up with a demo reel. What is that?, you may be wondering. It’s basically a summary of the work you’ve completed or what you’ve recorded so far. Don’t worry, you can update it as you get more experience. You want to be able to show potential clients what you can do. Although I would keep the separate demo files also in case a client only wants to hear a specific one.

Check out this site for more information (Side note: I love Backstage, they have great information for all aspects of performance).


Sites to Find Work

Some useful sites to get started on after you’ve done the above steps:


This was the first site I signed up for when I first started my voiceover career. I would receive MANY auditions a day- almost too many to catch up on! This site is a great resource for someone who wants to dive headfirst into a voiceover career. Be prepared to respond to jobs quickly and efficiently. You can have a free standard account, but in order to be sent a bunch of auditions, you have to pay a yearly fee of $395. BUT I contacted them on behalf of you lovely readers so I could get you deals.

“We offer a 30-day trial of the Premium membership for Standard members that haven’t been Premium in the past, it is a trial of the service that they can apply at Thanks! Laura Esteban, Community Advocate at Voice123, Part of Torre”

So go ahead, try it out and let me know what you think! If you want to tell them Amanda LePore from sent you, I wouldn’t turn that down. 😉


 This is another site that you can sign up for. You can check out their open jobs that you can submit an audition for, but you have to have a monthly or yearly account to do so. With a guest account, you can only be sent private auditions if a client wants you specifically. offers a “Premium-Lite” version where you can pay $49.95/month, but the better long-term deal would definitely be the $399/year.

Referral Program From
  1. Let a friend (you lovely reader!) know about and encourage them to subscribe. (Hey you, you should subscribe!)
  2. Tell them to mention your name (AMANDA LEPORE) when they call in (1-888-359-3472 for North America, outside of North America is 519-858-5660 between the hours of 8 AM-8 PM EST Monday-Friday) to receive a 10% discount.
  3. When your friend calls in and mentions your name (AMANDA LEPORE), a 10% discount will be applied to their membership (Woo discounts!)**

Finding Others in The Industry

This is a fun Facebook group that is great for newbies. There’s a few variations of this group (there’s a mix of fun and paid work at the link above, there’s another group with “fun only” (unpaid) work and then there’s a group for “paid only” work. I would recommend you join the first one above and check out their website/other groups. This is a great way to get involved with other people in the industry at all different levels. Check out Facebook and other online groups to get connected to others in the industry.

The best advice I can give you is just to get started! Dive right in. You may make mistakes, you may not have success right away, but keep trying! Don’t give up.

Let me know what you think about this post in the comments below! Did you learn a lot? Are you inspired to get into this field? Any questions for me?
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