Evenness Dead Sea Mud Mask Product Review

**I was financially compensated for this post. I received these products for review purposes. As The Amanda Turns takes pride in providing honest reviews, with or without compensation from brands.**

Hello everyone and happy new year! I am determined to get this blog bigger and better than ever, so you will be seeing some changes throughout the next few weeks so do not be alarmed- it will be for the better, I promise. 🙂

I am kicking off the new year with a new product review. I recently had the opportunity to try the Evenness Dead Sea Mud Mask.

According to their Amazon page, this product is supposed to be an “organic, all-natural, mineral skin cleansing mask that can be used on your face and body”. It’s supposed to give a “deep skin cleaning” and “reduce pores and acne problems with spa-like results for a healthy complexion.”

Putting on the face mask for the first time after my shower!

I am always trying to take care of my skin, ever since learning all about my complexion from my esthetician friend (who by the way, is awesome, so check out Healthy Skin by Helen for more info! She’s always offering good deals on her services!)

This product can be used by all skin types, according to the product description. I would think this product would be more beneficial to you if you have acne-prone or dull skin.

After the face mask mostly dried (I think I kept it on for 12 minutes, it says 7-12 minutes on it and for the mask to not be fully dry).

After the mask is mostly dry, you are supposed to wet it again with a warm washcloth and then rinse the product off. Here it is wet from the washcloth!

This product has some pros and cons to it that I’d like to address (my reviews ARE all about honesty, after all!) 


-Made my skin look brighter and healthier after using

-Enjoyed the gentle exfoliation

-Easy and straightforward to use

-Good amount of product for the cost


-The scent was not terrible, but it wasn’t overly appealing either. One of the ingredients in the product does say fragrance, so I am disappointed by the scent they chose.

-I am not sure if it helped my acne, I’ve had a couple of breakouts since using the product, but it could also be because of stress, hormones, or not sticking to my normal skincare routine recently.

I’m mad that I didn’t grab before photos, but here are my after ones! My skin seemed brighter after using this mask.

If you are looking for a new mask to try out, click this link to buy from Amazon and let me know what you think! Everyone has different skin, which in turn, leads to different experiences.

Leave some love in the comments below, I will respond to any and all comments! Do you like this format of me writing product reviews or should I try something else?

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