Does Nutree’s Amazonliss Keratin Treatment Actually Work?

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Back again with another product review! This time, it’s for hair care. Nutree has come out with Amazonliss, a 3-step at-home keratin process.

For those who know me, you’d know that when I’m frustrated with my hair, I put it up in a bun (which is 90% of the time- yay having frizzy, wavy hair!) That being said, you can only imagine the amount of damage my hair has because of this. Luckily, I hardly ever color my hair so the damage isn’t as bad as it COULD be, but still!

Before using this treatment- Granted, my hair was in braids before this, but you get the general idea!

I decided to do this when I had some free time (I know, free time?! What’s that?!) I’m glad I gave myself time to do this because the process took over 2 hours to finish. (Oh, AND you should test the product out on your wrist to make sure you don’t have a reaction to it!)

The first step is you are supposed to wash your hair a couple of times with their “Step 1” shampoo to cleanse and get it ready for treatment. I decided to wash my hair in the sink. It smelled nice and I had no unpleasant reactions. Drying it to 85% dryness (as per the instructions) was a pain though, especially because I have a LOT of hair!

The next step was the complicated one. After washing your hair a couple of times and drying it, you have to separate your hair out into parts. Please enjoy the silly pictures of me as I tried to achieve this…

Ignore all the text, I was drawing up hype on my Instagram Stories! Click here if you’re interested in following me for the latest and greatest.

This is the part where you NEED to be in a well ventilated, large room AND wearing gloves (which are the ones I’m wearing in the picture above, included in the kit). I decided to use the master bedroom and bathroom in my house because it’s bigger than our normal bathroom. I had the window open and the fan blowing. When I first started putting the product on, I didn’t think it was bad at all. It had a nice aroma (even though I was trying to not directly inhale it). After a little while, I did notice that I needed to move under the fan more to air myself out because I would get a little woozy. Step two took the most time for me to complete because you had to dry each section of hair with cold air from a blow-dryer, plus I was occasionally taking breaks to not feel sick from fumes.

After this step was finally completed, it was time for me to straighten my hair out. Once I got all the pieces straightened (and my hair was really straight for the first time in a while!), I had to wash it again with the step 3 conditioner. I wanted to cry! I just worked so hard drying and straightening it and I was worried that effort would be wasted.

Don’t judge me, I was getting bored with smiling in photos!

Well, after washing my hair, it was not permanently straight but I definitely noticed that there were not as many waves as my hair usually has. I was glad that it did not get rid of my waves completely (sometimes they cooperate with me!), it seemed to manage them a bit better. I still had a bit of frizz, but it was not as poofy as normal and my hair felt pretty soft overall.

The future is now! 😉

My hair stayed nice for days after the treatment. I ended up washing my hair again with my Amika shampoo and conditioner and I noticed a bit more waves coming back, but again, still not AS many. Amika’s site says they are sulfate-free so I’m not exactly sure what’s going on there. There is a chance that because I bought their product from someplace other than a salon, it may not be working as well, as I read on their website.

Overall, I did enjoy using this product and I do think it made my hair slightly more manageable to work with, which I definitely appreciate. It was a long process and there is a chance that I messed up along the way so that could be why I didn’t have the best results. Next time I try this process out (it is recommended to wait a period of time before doing so), I will have a friend available to help me. 

It’s worth a shot to check out though! If you are interested in  seeing the step-by-step process, please check out

If you want to order for yourself, go to:!

Let me know what you think and what your results were. 🙂 

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