Today’s blog post is on a new site called Charactour.


My first impression of the site was wondering what I was signing up for. The opening screen talks about you getting “matched” based on your entertainment tastes. This led me to think that it’s a dating site, which made me question what I was signing up for since I’m happily taken (My initial thought turned out to be completely wrong- this is what happens when you’re exposed to new apps such as Tinder)!

The first thing that happened after signing up using my Facebook account (which is always much easier than opening yet ANOTHER account with your email) was get directed to a quiz with various statements with a slider bar to see which character you relate more to. An example question was how smart do your friends think you are and on one end was Dr. House and the other end was Patrick Star. It was entertaining to fill out.

Then I got led to a profile page that showed me my character matches. Apparently, I am 81.3% like Michael Scott from “The Office,” which I found hilarious. There were a few other characters I related to as well, like Vince D’Angelo from “Will & Grace” and Annie Walker from “Bridesmaids.”

It then led me to other (real) people who are also like me (the highest connection to myself was 84.5%).

You then got to fill out your fan favorite characters from TV shows, books, movies, games, comics, etc. You can take more quizzes and also use the site to discover new books, movies, TV shows, and other things as well.

The greeting message I got in my inbox on the site was from CEO and founder Kim Foerster. “I wanted to be the first to welcome you to CharacTour, a new social network for entertainment fans. As you’ve already seen, we match you to the best fictional characters – and the real-life “characters” (like you) who love them. I know you’ll make yourself at home. But if you’d like a virtual tour guide, check out “15 Cool Things to Do” in the About section.”

Turns out- I was completely wrong about the site! My bad. 🙂 It’s a social media site for people to find others who like the same forms of entertainment as them, which sounds pretty sweet!

Be sure to check out Charactour today!


Are you going to try out the site? Let me know what you think about it in the comments below!

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