Change is Good… Even When It Hurts

So recently, I decided to go on a bit of a Facebook purge. You know what I mean- when your friends list is overrun with politics, negativity and plainly, friends who aren’t REALLY your friends. I made a post that I was doing this and that if people wanted to, they could delete me first. Well… some people took me up on that. Sometimes, it’s fine since it was people I really didn’t know all that well. Other times… it’s one of your best friends growing up. And that stings.


I’ll admit, we hadn’t talked as much as we used to when I moved. But I definitely still wanted to keep in touch with this person, even if I didn’t show it as well as I should’ve. But I guess they didn’t feel the same way. Honestly? That is OK. Even though it was disappointing, everyone has their reasons for needing to move on in life. Change is necessary- it’s all a part of growing up and improving one’s life.


Here’s some ways I find that help with dealing with change:


  1. Talk with someone.


This can be a trusted friend, family member or even a professional such as a therapist. They should be able to help put things into perspective that you may not be able to see. They might not be able to tell you WHY something happened, but they can help you through it. Having a loved one around helps keep your positivity up.


3) Make a list of positives and negatives that can come out of this change.


Sometimes, just seeing things written down in list form makes it easier to digest. Who knows- you might be able to see that there are plenty of positive things that came about from this change!


4) Trust that everything happens for a reason.


Now, you may or may not be religious- that’s OK. This isn’t a strictly religious belief. I try to follow this belief, even when it’s extremely difficult to understand. I do feel that everything happens for a reason, even when the reason makes no sense or is unclear. Why? I’ve noticed that when things appear to be going wrong, it was really me being pushed in a different direction.


5) Keep pushing through!


Don’t give up. You can remember the good times, but don’t dwell in the past and keep thinking about it. Move on the best you can.


I hope these ideas help with understanding and respecting change. Change is not always fun, but it’s something we ALL have to deal with in life. Here’s to cushioning life’s blows a bit better in the future!

PS: I wish nothing but the best to the people who’ve deleted me- no hard feelings, do what you gotta do!

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